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We are looking for volunteers to fill a variety of roles at the Fire & Climate Conference in Pasadena. We are offering a discounted registration fee; we request at least 4 volunteer hours to receive the discounted rate. Most volunteer shifts are in 2-hour time blocks. Anyone may sign up to be a volunteer, however, students will have preference. We will share a volunteer schedule a few weeks prior to the conference; you will be able to select your desired shifts and roles.

Volunteer Roles

Registration Desk

Work at the registration desk during the conference. You will give attendees their registration badges and materials at check-in and answer general questions. This job involves a lot of interacting with guests.

Chat Moderator

You will sit in the back of the meeting room at a computer and engage with the remote audience. If the remote audience has a question, you will speak into the microphone and ask the question on their behalf. You should feel comfortable typing on a laptop and speaking in to the microphone.

Wellness Lounge Attendant

Assist attendees in Wellness Lounge with headphones, cleaning yoga mats, managing towel recycle and general lounge housekeeping.

General Session Support

Support the general sessions. Usher, pass microphones, and

Exhibitor Assistance

Assist exhibitors with setting up their exhibits.

Clean Up

Support at the end of the Conference. Tearing down the Exhibit Hall, Registration and helping pack and load supplies.


Assist with activities or needs as they arise.

Sign up

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up when you register for the conference.