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Carol Baldwin, Ph.D.

Dr. Carol Baldwin is PI and Project Coordinator of the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange and Extension professional at Kansas State University.  She served on the Kansas Department of Health and Environment subcommittee that wrote the Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan, and led outreach efforts for Plan implementation in a region with high annual prescribed burning. She participated in the Wildland Fire Leadership Council’s Smoke Data Gaps Working Group meeting and the NWCG Smoke Managers Subcommittee.  She co-wrote the publication Prescribed Burning Communication Kit for presenting factual information to elected officials about prescribed burning risk and benefits.  Current research includes sampling grassland smoke from prescribed burning in situ using drones to provide PM2.5 and ozone data for improving smoke models.  Her work has been largely in the Great Plains region of the United States in an area characterized by open agricultural and rangeland landscapes and private land ownership.